For 10 years, our expertise working in Asia has delivered clients’ objectives.

We have worked with clients globally from Asia, Australia, Europe, Canada, South Africa, South America, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States through consulting, interim management and sourcing projects.  We are available to work where necessary to achieve project deliverables.

Through our clients we have worked on projects, delivering consumer products to nearly every continent globally.  We are familiar with trade initiatives and regulations governing different markets and how that effects Total Cost of Ownership initiates.

We are culturally sensitive and experienced working across teams of diversity.  We understand the needs of global organisations and the challenges of working cross functionally in international environments.  IDGC is experienced in engaging diverse teams to adopt new processes and technology to achieve desired outcomes through organisation transformations.

Success driven, we are flexible to work globally to roll-out our client’s objectives and achieve WIN WIN results.

IDGC has experience working with SME’s and Multinational Organisations across the globe, achieving objectives, and delivering value driven products and services to their customers globally.


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