IDGC is an agent of Stenn International, a UK-based trade finance provider focused on cross-border invoice financing between emerging markets and the World. IDGC is the bridge between global vendors and Stenn International, enabling the full benefit of trade finance to both Buyer and Seller.

We support vendors globally offering an easy solution to financing open account payment terms with customers in developed markets. Credit gives Sellers immediate access to cash upon export and the Buyer extended payment terms on open account…a win-win solution for both Seller and Buyer.

Trade finance or factoring is the sale of accounts receivables. Upon goods export, the Seller is paid for goods on presentation of shipping documents to Stenn who take over the Receivables from the Seller. The Buyer through pre-agreement pays Stenn International within the given payment terms to close the account.

What are the benefits of using us for Trade Finance;

  • Buyers have access to open account payment terms from Sellers of 30, 60 or 90 days, allowing the ability to maximise credit lines and improve working capital.
  • Sellers can offer attractive payment terms to Buyers improving competitiveness.
  • Sellers reduce cash exposure and risk of late or non-payment through guaranteed quick payment upon shipment without navigating Letters of Credit or pushing the Buyer for payment.
  • Both Buy and Seller reduce cash flow exposure, maximising business growth potential.


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