Sourcing & Procurement Transformation ManagementSourcing & Procurement Transformation Management


  • Sophie Paris, French managed multi-level marketing fashion company with markets in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Morocco. Producing eight catalogues annually with 900 products per catalogue, US$140M annual revenue.


  • Appointed to consult on Sourcing and Category Management with the purpose of transforming the current environment to support, product expansion from 7-9 catalogues annually, multi-country market localisation, improve product cycle time, go to market strategy and revenue growth.


  • Evaluated current business strategy and objectives, go to market process with an emphasis on brand product development, sourcing, category management, and S&OP to warehouse receipt. Mapped product flow process and structure across evaluated functions.
  • Audited current suppliers, ranking, pricing, operational activity, value added services, and delivery/quality performance.
  • Assessed forecast and purchase to pay system, transactions, inventory, replenishment and deadstock management.
  • Created new structure separating brand, sourcing and category, where all were reporting to brand. Remapped end-to-end process, analysed gaps and created a new team structure enabling manageable categories and process that support brand activity reporting to supply chain.
  • Established sourcing team focused on supplier management and contractual obligations supporting product development cycle, raw material/product cost breakdown, capacity management, reduced product lifecycle and enabling supplier held raw material inventory enabled via introducing raw material trending limiting materials available to design, forecasting and raw material suppliers.
  • Restructured market specific buying to 85% centralised 15% market country unique to drive product specific localisation in conjunction with brand to drive market-based revenue growth.
  • Reallocated 8% of S&OP buy budget to quick response supported by raw material inventory to support high moving sales reviewed after 24 and 72 hours of catalogue release backed by 7-10 day replenishment.


  • Transformed product operations organisational structure and process allowing growth to 9 catalogues annually each with 1000 products, 42% increase with staff increase of 9%.
  • Market specific buying across all markets increased revenue 31%, margin 26% and reduced obsolete inventory 27%.
  • Quick response program supported revenue growth and inventory reduction with +300% sales on replenishment lines.
  • Delivered up to 25% COGS reduction using open costings and categories teams understanding value based procurement.

Sourcing & Procurement Transformation Management

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