Responsible sourcing strategy

Responsible sourcing strategy


  • QVS China assembly operation, specializing in personal care accessories and cosmetic tools for US, European & Asia Pacific retailers. 2500 Finished Goods SKUs, 74 Vendors and 25 million units shipped annually. Customers: Super Drug (UK), Watsons Asia & China, Boots (UK), RiteAid (US), Woolworths Australia & South Africa, Rossmann (Germany), ASDA (UK), Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada). US$15 million FOB revenue.


  • Engaged by CEO to realign sourcing strategy, category management and product development. Develop new and existing suppliers that meet and align with business objectives, and are capable of efficiently executing supply chain responsiveness and reduce total cost of ownership.


  • Assessed current business objectives, go to market process across brand product development (Components and Finished Goods), sourcing, category management, to the warehouse receipt. Mapped process and structure across assessed functions.
  • Realigned sourcing and category management into specialist material teams capable of leveraging component class to achieve price and service advantage.
  • Reviewed existing suppliers, pricing, operational scope, value added services, and delivery/quality performance. Sourced new and developed existing suppliers capable of product and material innovation, raw material inventory support, reduced cycle time and price reduction.
  • Established supply contracts on high moving components, to ensure min/max inventory is held, delivered to WHS within 48 hours of purchase; customer order to export 10 days, previously 45 days.
  • Setup scorecard matrix to manage supplier performance, improve internal transparency, and drive improvement.
  • Delivered stalled injection moulding project by analysing transactionally, purchased components volumes, selecting best-suited items, developing a production plan that supported 24/6 weekly production allowing low-cost plastic components to be manufactured in-house previously outsourced.
  • Collaborated with international business partners to gain market intelligence to drive supplier-lead product innovation, and speed to market programs.


  • Sales increased 7%, COGS reduced 11%. Business turned a profit for the first year ever.
  • Injection project delivered finished goods COGS reduction of 30-52% across 5 product groups.
  • Reduced packaging from 27% of COGS to 23% of COGS and MOQ/quantity break by leveraging QVS commitment to buy. Reduced slow dead moving packaging stock by 65%.
  • Improved team efficiency by 26%. Year on year transactional increase with headcount reduction.

Responsible sourcing strategy

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