All client’s goals are different, so are their strategies and desired outcomes. 

At IDGC, we follow a methodical approach to your sourcing and procurement evaluation utilising seven steps that assess the current and desired outcome; envisioning and engaging the new design to plan and align the project deployment.  Through a process driven deployment, we engage key metrics specific to your business creating a continual improvement model.   IDGC doesn’t just create a fix for today, it creates a sustainable evolving environment.

Through the 7-step project managed plan, IDGC creates sourcing and procurement success across our core services Strategy, Category, Transact, Manage, Governance and Organisation.


ASSESSExamination of the business strategy and how it influences sourcing and procurement sets the base from which to establish our analysis and outcomes. Comprehensive data mining of spend and evaluation of current operational activity enable business modelling and solution development.

ENVISION – Every business need is different, based on the data gathered from the assess phase we envision and design the best option for your business.  The result being an innovative and logical solution focused on how global suppliers, customers, and products come together to create an efficient supply chain network.

ENGAGE – We understand that the success of all projects comes from stakeholder buy-in.  As part of the process, we collaborate with your teams to ensure they are engaged in the process to guarantee buy-in.  While doing so, we assess individuals skills, strengths and weaknesses and how current team members align into the envisaged outcome.

PLAN  – Our team plans the project execution, ensuring sound implementation through efficient management of people, processes and technology.  Resulting in your project been delivered on time, on budget, and with sustainable performance.  Our purpose is to deliver what we promise.

ALIGN – Rolling out the design is just one step of the process, IDGC helps clients align the plan by working in your business as an extension of your team in the development and ongoing management of the sourcing and procurement project.  By working in the business, our objective is to ensure your team is aligned to the plan, providing focus for ongoing success.

PERFORM – From raw material procurement, consumption at the production facility to customer delivery, our sourcing and procurement team, will give you control of your supply chain.  Delivering total cost savings, mitigate supply chain risk, improve product cycle times reducing inventory exposure and providing a vehicle that responds to market change.

RE-ASSESS – Our solutions produce results, but continuous re-assessment is the key to continuous improvement. Throughout the transformation process, we establish tools that provide metrics that maintains meaningful, innovative improvement to your supply chain.


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