Supply Chain Management Sourcing | Procurement

Supply Chain Management Sourcing | Procurement

IDGC leverages 20 years’ experience delivering sourcing & procurement projects to multi-channel global retail, wholesale, catalogue, and online organisations.  We utilise the expertise gained in past projects, and present best practice, as the foundation in building winning sourcing and procurement frameworks for consumer goods organisations.

We work across multiple complex categories to produce results, irrespective if high mix low volume or low mix high volume, we have the expertise to understand the difference.  Our expertise delivers results by developing the right supplier infrastructure and services that achieve your business objectives.

With diverse experience across the consumer product supply chain, IDGC manages the full value chain from raw materials to customer delivery, creating the best strategic solution to achieve core supply chain principles; price, lead-time, delivery and quality.  We ensure customer satisfaction and gain trust through are product expertise.

Manufacturing process expertise;

  • Textile
  • Sewing
  • Plastic Injection and Extrusion
  • Metal Forging, Cold and Hot
  • Electrical / Electronic
  • Sub-assembly Contracting
  • Packaging

Supply Chain Management Sourcing | Procurement

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