Supplier Management, One Voice to the Supplier

Supplier Communication Must be Aligned to Delivery Business Objectives

Managing core Supplier communication through Supplier Management Services within any organisation ensures there is a consistent managed message to Suppliers.  The message sets the working framework, builds trust and alignment which delivers business objectives.

Through the Supplier’s life cycle, there will be multiple contact windows communicating across the buying organisation.   Supplier Managed Services ensures there is only one voice governing the relationship, that sets the framework in which all cross functional teams operate.

Define the Supplier Relationship Framework

Supplier Manager Services sets the framework in which all cross functional teams operate with the Supplier.  The framework communicates and defines objectives to the Supplier which align with business goals and stakeholders. The single voiced message the framework defines stops conflicting messages going to the supplier, and the supplier delivering non-aligned communication back to stakeholders.

Alignment builds trust which delivers objectives.

Objectives must be aligned Cross Functionally and with the Supplier

The framework is built across critical business functions with department heads been the key stakeholders.  Supplier Managed Services must ensure the framework delivers business governance while meeting business and stakeholders core objectives.

Supplier Manage Services and department heads collaborate to deliver the framework policy and objectives.  Where conflicts of interest occur, it is Supplier Management Services responsibility to adjudicate and make the final decision where necessary.

Aligned Supplier Framework delivers the following Benefits

  • Improved information flow between the buying organisation and the supplier will increase management information to both companies.
  • Total Cost of Ownership will be reduced by identifying areas to save money and improve the procurement process.
  • Supplier performance will be enhanced through regular reviews, process improvement, communications and organisational interaction.
  • Improved information flow between the purchaser and the supplier will increase management information to both companies.
  • Procurement efficiency improves profit levels and service levels.
  • Staff are released from problem solving to concentrate on core business processes.
  • Supplier Management Services keeps both businesses balanced and aligned to objectives.
  • Continual review of Suppliers lessens service problems, service failure and risk.  Challenges will be predicted rather than reactive, eliminating or reducing business impact.
  • Supplier Management Services improves Supplier relationships, trust and service levels through the continual improvement cycle generating partner level engagement.
  • Manages and sets Supplier Governance.

Critical Tools measure Supplier Framework Performance

Supplier score-cards are essential tools that ensure supplier frameworks are effective and achieving business objective.  Scorecards ensure all stakeholder supplier objectives are visible and benched marked against other suppliers, ensuring there is no subjective commentary on supplier performance, delivering common alignment across business heads.

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ScoreCards reports results, defines the Supplier Status and how the supplier will be rewarded or penalised through capacity allocation in the Supplier Matrix, corrective actions and future alignment.

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Supplier Managed Services Aligns Stakeholders Objectives to a Single Business Objective

Where there are multiple stakeholders with a voice to the supplier, there is inevitably conflict through misaligned priorities which disrupts service levels and can lead to the supplier failing.  This stops business objectives been achieved and the formation of long term supplier partnerships.

Supplier Management Services drives group strategies through the Supplier Framework network, delivering end to end business goals and objectives.

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