Supply Chain Solutions No.9 – Reviewing Supplier Samples

Before you visit a new supplier to assess their capabilities, receiving samples of their previous production will give you the opportunity to examine their quality, manufacturing technique, expertise and innovation.

Once you’ve evaluated a vendor’s sample or production reference, and are still unsure of their capabilities, consider asking the vendor to make a counter sample from a product you provide made from available raw materials.  A vendor who wants to win your business will be willing to give you a counter sample so you can better understand their manufacturing abilities and gauge their attitude.

The challenge with this phase is that you are still at arm’s length to the vendor that you have not seen, the samples sent to you may have been subcontracted and the vendor is a third party.

Do get quality representatives involved in the sample assessment to check it in a non-subjective manner, and that the product will meet all necessary safety and chemical compliance requirements relevant to the selling market.

Samples will not solve all potential challenges, what it will do is give you a gauge of the vendor’s underlying ability to manage simple tasks, their attitude and product value versus price.

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