Supply Chain Solutions No.2 – Define the Scope of your Sourcing Project

Clearly, define the sourcing project scope with clear milestones and objectives.  Success driven sourcing activities are projects that need a clear statement of what you and stakeholders want to accomplish. Define your project requirements up front, this maybe innovation and technology, increased capacity, compliance, risk migration, price, quality or lead-time reduction.

Vendors need to understand your objectives to present you with practical proposals accurately and to quote equitable services and price. Be specific about the goals you expect the vendor to deliver. Give vendors as much information as you can about business value expectations, what deliverables and expectations are and on the way, they must be provided.  Be realistic about your schedule requirements, allow time in your schedule for unknown variables that need to be discovered and learned.

If you don’t educate and learn, real success will be lost.

ID Global Concepts are experts in supply chain management. We add value to your supply chain through consultancy or management contract to ensure the business has the best practice systems that are the right fit for your business, customer and meet your value expectations.

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