QA versus QC, which one suits your business?

Do you know what the difference is between a QA and a QC, how often have I heard business associates talking about quality needs and randomly stating QA or QC but not knowing the scope of the acronym?


QA “Quality Assurance” ISO 9000 defines as quality assurance as “A part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled.”

QC “Quality Control” ISO 9000 defines quality control as “A part of quality management focused on fulfilling quality requirements.”

In short QA “FAILURE PREVENTION” + QC “FAILURE DETECTION” = Customer Satisfaction

By only having QA or QC you do not fulfil the complete quality management system, although when most people talk quality, they imply quality detection. However, if you only have detection, there will be no improvement if you only have gatekeepers.

To improve quality, you need four parts, a plan, preventative action, detection and continuous improvement. In a larger company, you may have all four areas of quality management, but most just have two, QA and QC. In smaller organisations, QC will exist either performing both functions or QA is lead by sourcing.

Whatever your setup you must ensure there is a quality push-pull system, that will drive quality, process and continuous improvement; please refer to the following flowchart for reference.

Quality Managment Flow

Quality Managment Flow

CAPAR = Corrective and Preventative action Report

ID Global Concepts is a leader in quality management across fabric, accessories, and apparel. We add value to your operation through consultancy or management contract to ensure your business has the best practice quality systems that are the right fit for your business and meet your value expectations.

Below are the retailer’s ID Global Concepts have delivered quality apparel and accessories to over the last ten years;

Macy’s, Urban, Sears, Marks & Spencer, Myer, Kmart US & Kmart Australia, Dunnes Stores, Debenhams Monsoon Accessorize, Asos, Witchery, Brown Sugar, RM Williams, Coles, Chloe, John Lewis, Disney, Next, Firetrap, Lonsdale, Postie, ASDA, Harris Scarf, River Island, Tesco, Woolworths, Walmart, Glassons, Babies’R’Us, New Look, Target US & Australia, Primark, David Jones, Best & Less, Sophie, Yakka, Top Shop, BHS, Burlington, BigW, Oasis, JayJays, Blue Illusion, Driza-Bone, Just Jeans, Volcom, House of Fraser, Pumpkin Patch, Suzanne Grae, Pelaco, Laura Ashley, Sportsgirl, Ted Baker, Truetex, TableEight, French Connection

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