Consistent Brand Messaging through Product Labelling

Do you control how your brand labelling is represented on your product or do you leave it to the vendor?  It is important that your brand is well represented on the store floor or online by having consistent brand messaging, and one of the biggest brand communication tools is your product labelling and ticketing.

There is nothing worse than when you walk onto a shop floor and seeing house brands that have need purchased through several different vendors globally having a different brand representation.  The product can look great but if the brand image is different from product to the next product it may send confusing messages to your customer.  Consistency is key, just as the golden M of McDonalds is highly identifiable your brand trademark needs to be identifiable to your customer.

The easiest solution is to nominate one supplier that can manage your regional and global labelling and swing ticket supply.  By using a company like Check Point  you get a company with manufacturing facilities globally and regional sales teams that can work with your business to develop the latest way to communicate your branding with new materials, manufacturing methodologies and security features as well as supporting stock so vendors are immediately serviced.

The challenge with nominating a label supplier is it comes at a cost because of the value added services.  Commonly what will happen is finish product vendors will duplicate the labelling with their local partners to get a lower price and more than likely preferable payment terms.  It is, therefore, important that when nominating labelling suppliers that there is a process in place that cross checks finished good purchase orders with the nominated labelling supplier to ensure finished goods vendors are complying with the needs of the business.  Do due diligence to ensure both parties can easily transact business to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing process.

Alternative and additional to nominating a supplier, ensure the technical pack or manual has a clear page on your brand labelling requirement with sizing, weight and colours.  The weight of card must be stated; colours must use a universal reference system such as Pantone and any other details such as folding, embossing, heat-sealing, and attachment methods and material are clearly stated

Equally important is the position of the label, attachment order and methodology.  Label placement must be in an area that clearly displays the brand image, is consistent in position from product to product but would not make the wearing of, or use of the product uncomfortable.  Swing ticketing likewise must be in a consistent position that is viewable but will not obstruct trying the product before use.  Where applicable, all country laws need to be followed regarding the location of Country of Origin, Content, Care and Pricing information.  All these points must be clear shown in the technical pack or manual.

Having clear instructional pages on labelling creation and placement will allow the flexibility for vendors to self-manufacture providing there is a through the process of approval and quality control as part of the process ensuring brand integrity is maintained.  My opinion is nominated suppliers is a must, even if there need to be different nominated suppliers regionally, having such control mechanisms will ensure your brand image is clearly communicated to your customer.

A managed approached to product labelling and ticket whether through nominated vendors, or finished goods suppliers will improve your overall brand image and representation on the shop floor.

ID Global Concepts are experts in sourcing and operational management. We add value to your operations through consultancy or management contract to ensure the business has the best practice management systems that are the right fit for your business, customer and meet your value expectations.

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Macy’s, Urban, Sears, Marks & Spencer, Myer, Kmart US & Kmart Australia, Dunnes Stores, Debenhams Monsoon Accessorize, Asos, Witchery, Brown Sugar, RM Williams, Coles, Chloe, John Lewis, Disney, Next, Firetrap, Lonsdale, Postie, ASDA, Harris Scarf, River Island, Tesco, Woolworths, Walmart, Glassons, Babies’R’Us, New Look, Target US & Australia, Primark, David Jones, Best & Less, Sophie, Yakka, Top Shop, BHS, Burlington, BigW, Oasis, JayJays, Blue Illusion, Driza-Bone, Just Jeans, Volcom, House of Fraser, Pumpkin Patch, Suzanne Grae, Pelaco, Laura Ashley, Sportsgirl, Ted Baker, Truetex, TableEight, French Connection

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