Sometimes we follow and add no value

Social media is littered with a huge volume of likes supporting a picture, movie or narrative but offers very few comments. While a like may be supporting someone else’s idea, a comment represents a personal point of view on that idea. Why don’t more people breach the safety of the like button and write a comment?

When there is a professional or related ethical discussion very few individuals will give feedback, offering their personal point of view or challenging the status quo. Most will opt for the like option, as a show of support or is it just saying I am too scared to add a viewpoint, and that I am just a follower?

Puff pieces are littering every corner of social media, take the attractive actress with a mindless photo offering a glimpse of skin with zero substance and at times no supporting narrative. Followers reach out with likewise zero substance through likes and comments all to what end? To make a movie star even more famous who actually gives nothing back other than creating a perpetual nothingness and feathering their bank account?

Followers need to stop fuelling the mindless vacuum by not pushing like and offer a comment that hauls posts that have zilch significance. Stand-up and be seen, ask what the value and relevance is!

So I ask you, why do people hide in the crowded like button. Because being at the front can be tough or just plain scary? Is it outside of their comfort zone or they just don’t have value to add? Liking doesn’t make people seen, commenting makes people seen. It takes no effort to push the like button, but it does take an effort to comment and confront your confronters, those who disagree with your opinion.

Be an ‘innovator’ rather than ‘imitator’, challenge the status quo.

There is no easy and no hard, just do. Be at the front of the crowd and only like what adds value or messages you need to support or messages you need to support, where the support will contribute to spreading a message worth spreading.

Take yourself on and make a difference in social media, life and work!

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