LinkedIn Premium – NOW – Has Fake Profiles

LinkedIn is full of fake profiles, daily I receive one or two that are clearly false, this has been going on for years.  Does anyone do anything about it, no they don’t!

Over the last few years, LinkedIn has expanded across markets gaining reputation and profiles which currently number 433 million. The question is how many of these profiles are real or current?

Now LinkedIn has been sold to Microsoft for $26.2 Billion or $62 per contact, if I were Satya Nadella, I would want a discount of 20% for the fake and none current users minimum.

Over the last three days, I had received fake profiles wanting to connect, all stating they are attending Manila-based universities in which they started in 2002 and will complete studies in 2022, obviously something wrong when their profile states they began working for a Forbes 500 company in 2000 as CEO.

Let’s move to today’s profile which came in this morning with the most discerning point being it is a Premium Member on LinkedIn, someone is sending fake premium profiles, really?  What next, this diminishes Linkedin’s reputation.

These are the details of the profile;

Membership: Premium Member

Name: Hannieh Ambot

Headline: CEO at Siemens – Obviously taken from current position not updated

Location: Hatboro, Pennsylvania

Industry: Alternative Dispute Resolution – Company link goes to Siemens AG

Experience: May 2000-Present CEO Siemens

Education: 2002-2022 Ateneo de Manila University

Volunteer: February 2000-Present CEO Schlumberger

Yes, I could be wrong this could be a real profile, but Eric Spiegel is the current President and CEO of Siemens USA, so where does this leave us?

  1. Are the profiles set up by real members adding sensational information to gain trust and reputation by having a C-level connection?
  1. Are the profiles set up by individuals somewhere in the world again trying to build confidence but once connect will send you spam and tell you a sob story about $1 billion they want to transfer to your bank account?
  1. Are the profiles setup by LinkedIn to drive member numbers and social media ranking to increase their share price?

I would most likely opt for option 2, but why are these criminals now setting up premium profiles?

I no longer accept any connection from people I don’t know where their title especially states bank, accountant or anything to do with finance, guaranteed you will get a message in a few days asking for some information that you want want to give out.

There is a significant challenge on LinkedIn, let’s not let LinkedIn turn into Facebook, please like, share this message, and write your experiences you have had with fake LinkedIn connection!  LinkedIn needs to take notice and do something about it.

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