‘Exotic names’ will soon vanish – China Daily

Extract from the article by Zhang Yi on the 5th April 2016.


The Chinese government is moving to ban “exotic” names given to places, buildings and complexes to protect and preserve traditional culture. In recent years, real estate developers and some local governments have chosen names based on locations and buildings overseas, such as “Manhattan” and “Venice”. The use has proliferated, causing as much anger as amusement and prompting heated debate on public and online forums.

Critics say the foreign names undermine long-standing cultural traditions and don’t reflect Chinese core values. The authorities are now cracking down and have ordered that all foreign names must be eradicated by June next year. 

There is a proliferation of foreign names used for all manner of things and places in China, many of which incorrectly spelt.  Is this now part of the countries values as it becomes step by step more multicultural?

With so many Chinese citizens wanting international acclaimed luxury products and services so they can show their success, is foreign assimilation now part of everyday Chinese core values?  Or is this only representative of the privileged few and not the ordinary citizen.

In reality is this just a case of “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”?

Chinese culture is spreading to the West and Western culture is spreading to China.  Globalization is here to stay.

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