The ChAFTA free trade agreement Australia and China…the time to act is NOW!

For those that are unaware the ChAFTA free trade agreement was signed between Australia and China on the 20th December making way for duty free bilateral trade between both countries.  For Australia the full agreement will take a few years to fully come into effect and will be dependant on the tariff classification or HS Code of the commodity.  It is advisable to discuss how your imports tariff will be effected with your customs broker as there maybe some interim rate increases.

To take full advantage in Australia you will need a Country of Origin Certificate from the Chinese exporter processed by relevant government authority.  Goods received into Australia without the said COO can still have the rebate claimed if the COO is received and processed within 6 months of landing into Australia or if the value is AUD1,000 or RMB6,000 in China.

For further information about ChAFTA please refer to the following link: 

Alternatively email me at and I will email you the “Guide to Using ChAFTA”

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